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"GNO has become such a huge part of my life and my purpose. I have helped with the event for several years now which led to my will and desire to take on a more leadership role with the committee. I was able to witness firsthand the impact GNO has made on Domestic Violence in WV. All the funds raised by Girls Night Out directly go toward the YWCA Resolve Program to better improve the lives of countless victims. I am humbled and honored to work with such an amazing group of talented, educated, and compassionate women all striving for one main purpose- to put an end to domestic violence by providing support, education and outreach to victims. Seeing all the work, contributions and efforts from so many people come to fruition into GNO’s Party with a Purpose, gives me so much hope and optimism for a better future."


So join me in becoming a “Hostess” but more importantly an advocate, at
one of WV’s largest and exciting fundraiser! And who wouldn’t want to
“Party for a Purpose!”




Kate Flack 304.932.6480 or



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Thank you for  your support!

Theme reveal party 2013 at the law office of Farmer Cline & Campbell
Bag stuffing Night is always such a high energy event that feels so good working together!
If you would like to help on a committee at or leading up to the event, please contact us on the contact page form.

Become part of the GNO tradition. Hostesses provide the seed money that allows us to launch the event this year and are core to GNO’s history. As a special “thank you,” GNO Hostesses will receive special gifts and recognition. Perks include but are not limited to:


  • Ticket to the GNO 2016 Event on SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 6 -10 pm (valued at $125)

  • Top Shelf Hostess Bar at GNO 2016 Event

  • Gift Bag Guaranteed with GNO 2016 T-Shirt & Flip Flops

  • Exclusive Invitation to the Rooftop Hostess Appreciation Pre-Party
    MONDAY, JULY 11, 6 pm 
    at the Columbia Pipeline Group

  • Recognition as GNO Hostess at Event and on Website

  • Special Hostess Gift

  • Pride in Supporting Critical Services for Victims of Domestic Violence

Behind the scene - planning  meeting
Making it a Girlfriend tradition!
Building friendships
to last a life time

- Karen Farmer

- Amanda Easter

- Nikki Koenig

- Lesli Forbes

- Andrea Mitias

- Sarah K. Brown

- Debra James

- Carrie Bowe

- Danielle Waltz

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- Tanya Katrib

- Jamie Danser

- Kayla White

- Kim Carr

- Jeanne Cochran

- Jenny Murray

- Kelly Woodyard

- Mary Lambert

-Karen White

OUR 2016 HOSTESSES (updated 7-25-2016)

Jacqueline Stump, D.D.S

GNO 2016
Hostess Chair




- Erin Magee

- Lenna Chambers

- Amy Hass

- Lindsay Silbernagel

- Sabrina Stump

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