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Our History


Women helping women with power, passion and purpose by raising funds and awareness to eliminate domestic violence.

Initiated in the fall of 1998 by Sandy Graff and

Elsie Carter, Girls Night Out - a "Party with a Purpose" - was the brainchild of the High Hopes Committee - an amazing group of volunteer women who were determined to help the YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program in its efforts to eliminate domestic violence. Now in its 24th season, more than $1 million has been raised over the years to assist the YWCA Resolve's shelter, Hope House, and support YWCA Resolve in continuing to provide shelter, services, and programming.

Originally, the High Hopes founders and their committees hosted up to 17 different parties each summer - ranging from art walks, tennis parties, Italian feasts, game nights, fashion shows, antique shoes, and even car shows. Now, 24 years later, these smaller parties have been rolled into one GRAND event: Girls Night Out.


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