"As an attendee and committee member of GNO, I am always inspired coming away
from this amazing event! Not only are women coming together to have a great time and celebrate being a woman/girl but we are making a difference – we are even saving lives! Girl power rocks!”


Karen Farmer - Chair, Girls Night Out Committee

"Girls Night Out is such an intricate part of my life…I weave GNO threads in my everyday lifestyle. Domestic Violence is such an unspoken topic in society. We need to educate & talk about the effects on everyone involved. DV has no prejudice-it occurs in all demographics- poverty, wealthy, sex, race and ethnicity…DV comes in many forms-Psychological, Economical and Physical-My prayer is to abolish DV or at least educate and advocate so that we can move to minimize it. Being involved with GNO allows me to teach & advocate with others, how important it is for all of us to be a sounding board for anyone that is in a negative situation-whether it is a male or female, to not ridicule or judge them. To help them reach out to the YWCA Family Resolve Program for assistance & as a valuable Resource. Girls Night Out is The Number One Women Only Fundraiser in WV and most attended as well. Being a part in leadership helps me help others-Everyday I wake up I ask myself, What Can I do for GNO today?"


Sandy Call - Chair, Girls Night Out Committee

“The impact this event has had on my life is immeasurable. Domestic violence has touched us all, and to see the force at which this group of women comes together and the tangible and intangible difference they make is truly inspiring. I am better for having been a part of
this group!”


Paige Payne - Former Chair, Girls Night Out Committee

“Having been involved for several years I was able to take a more active role beginning with last year’s event, ‘Girls in Pearls.’ I volunteer my time in the planning and designing of the marketing materials for the event which has lead to the desire to know more about the Hope House. I toured the shelter with a few other volunteers, and WOW! It touched me to see how the funds raised from our past events were put to use. Hearing stories that where shared by the staff of how lives are being changed due to the YWCA Resolve shelter and its programs fed my energy to do more. Our photo shoot for ‘Lu'au on the Lawn’ (this year’s theme) was on Mother’s Day weekend, and I told the girls on the set, ‘I can't think of a better way to spend my time – helping a mother that thinks she has no hope.’ GNO is my ‘give back,’ but actually, it gives me more than I could ever put into words.”


Amanda B. Easter - Owner, Inside Out Creative

"I don't think the moving van had left our driveway before my new neighbor, Karen Farmer, invited me to get participate in Girls Night Out. I had been involved with domestic violence public policy advocacy through my work at the American Bar Association in Chicago, so I didn't hesitate to say 'yes.' Supporting GNO over the past five years has been a powerful way to provide critical services to abuse victims and a wonderful avenue to meet dynamic and fun women from the entire area."


JoEllen Zacks - Senior Vice President, Charleston Area Alliance

"Girls Night Out means one very important word to me… EMPOWERMENT! This event is the embodiment of empowering women of this community. Every aspect of GNO is about uplifting our fellow sisters. As a victim’s advocate I have seen the amazing way that the YWCA can change the lives of these victims... it’s an incredible transformation. One that is credited to some of the most compassionate individual’s I have ever encountered. The most special thing I’ve seen transpire from GNO is the friendships and bonds that are created during this event. The community truly comes together and the passion that engulfs this event is like none I have ever seen. I have been honored the past 2 years to be a part of this team of women. Girls Night Out and the YWCA have empowered me in so many ways. But the uplifting friendships and the true lessons of encouraging empowerment through the survivor’s stories and the passion of the individuals creating GNO will stay with me forever. This is truly a phenomenal “party with a purpose” and you do not want to miss it!"


Jacqueline Bevan - Former Chair, Girls Night Out Committee

“For me, Girls Night Out means 3 things: A good time. A great cause. Giving back. Working for WSAZ, I’ve always been so excited when August rolls around and it’s time to promote the event. I write about it on my blog, run stories during our newscasts and offer coverage the day of the event. It’s so much fun to see all of the wonderful women of the Kanawha Valley come together to raise money and awareness for such a worthy cause. There are plenty of laughs and also a few tears when we hear the inspiration speeches from women who have suffered domestic violence but also survived to tell their stories. Each year I try to recruit more and more ladies to join our group because we have such a blast together. It’s a night filled with food, music, fun and friendship. The themes are always played out to the finest detail and I love that all the girls get in the true spirit of the evening. We are beyond excited for this year’s ‘Luau on the Lawn.’ Girls, get your tropical dresses ready and tuck a flower behind your ear. It’s going to be a good time!”


Jessica Ralston - Anchor/Reporter/Producer, News Channel 5

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